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About Chip Wynn & Paducah Used Cars

Chip Wynn, owner of Chip Wynn Jeep 7 out of 10 buy from him again.

What that says about Chip Wynn is that people trust him.

Paducah Used Cars has choice, clean, used cars and trucks hand picked by Chip.

Chip Wynn began selling cars at age 13. Chip's father, S.O. Wynn, had owned a dealership in Paducah since 1950. Chip loved the car business from the beginning and always got a thrill from helping people find the right car.

Chip specializes in finding those mint used cars with low miles. It doesn't matter to Chip if it's a Mercedes, Jaguar, Corvette, Buick, Jeep, Toyota, Hummer, or Chevrolet pickup truck - just as long as it's what he calls a "Southern Belle," you'll find it on his lot! Chip looks all over the south for those "Southern Belles."

The reason for Chip Wynn's 70% repeat business rate is that Chip is known as the "Open and Honest Dealer".

Whatever it is, Chip will go out of his way to be fair with you. Chip doesn't just want to sell you a vehicle; his goal is to be the dealer you come back to again, again, and again.